The Prieur Group supports various initiatives in the cultural, educational, sporting and associative fields.

Museum of Modern Art of Troyes

The Prieur Group is an official partner of the 2017 exhibitions “Un autre Renoir”, “Picasso face au taureau : variations graphiques”, 2016 “Une Modernité hollandaise la collection Singer”, 2015 “Dessine-moi une collection”, 2014 “CHAGALL”…

For more information: www.musees-troyes.com

UTT : Université de Technologie de TroyesUTT : Université de Technologie de Troyes

Le Groupe Prieur soutient la formation en étant partenaire officiel de l’Université de Technologie de Troyes.

The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) is one of the 204 French engineering schools accredited as of , 2020 to deliver an engineering degree.

Like other universities of technology, it combines the characteristics of an engineering school with those of a university and is focused on technology, both in training, research and technology transfer.

UTT is a public institution of a scientific, cultural and professional nature (EPSCP), authorised by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to award degrees from bac+3 to bac+8. These are mainly engineering degrees accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) (about 450 students graduate per year), but also master’s degrees, doctorates and professional licences.

For more information: www.utt.fr

Reseau Entreprendre

The Prieur Group is an active member of the Entrepreneur network, providing local, quality support.

Réseau Entreprendre is a community of entrepreneurs who share the same values to help our regions move forward economically. Indeed, this network of 100% volunteer entrepreneurs has contributed to the creation of 100,000 jobs since its creation.

The result of know-how strengthened over time by listening to the needs of entrepreneurs, and recognised for the quality of its support and its impact on the success of business creators, Réseau Entreprendre celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016.

For more information: www.reseau-entreprendre.org

Écoles Y

The Prieur Group supports training by sponsoring the Grandes écoles Y Schools.

Y SCHOOLS is an ecosystem built around the Grande Ecole Programme, ranging from a Second Chance School to a Doctoral School (in collaboration with the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne), and from management to design, including tourism, international and the paramedical/social sector. Created in 1992, the school has become a unique training centre in its development and model.

For more information: www.yschools.fr

Initiative Aube

The Prieur Group is an active member of the Initiative Aube movement.
Created in 1999, Initiative Aube is a member of the national Initiative France movement, the leading network of associations for financing and supporting business creation/takeover in France.
A player at the service of local development: Initiative Aube financially supports the development of local economic initiatives by facilitating the creation, takeover and initial development of businesses in the department of Aube.
For more information: www.initiative-aube.fr

Camille Claudel Museum in Nogent-sur-Seine

The Prieur Group is an official partner in the acquisition of the statue “Perseus and the Gorgon” (Camille Claudel).

« C’est Médusa », « C’est Percy Jackson ! ». As soon as they see Camille Claudel’s marble sculpture Perseus and the Gorgon, the children are happy to recognise the subject of the work thanks to a series of novels intended for them.

This version, completed in 1902, is the only monumental marble by Camille Claudel. Commissioned by the Countess of Maigret, the artist’s patron, the marble was carved by François Pompon, after the plaster model exhibited at the Champ-de-Mars Salon in 1899.

For more information: www.museecamilleclaudel.fr

Théatre le Quai - Les 3 scènes

The Prieur Group is an official partner of the Compagnie des 3 Scènes.

Recognised actors and directors, Christian Brendel and Maria-Pascaline Naudin have developed an innovative programme based on theatrical techniques to improve communication within companies. These techniques help to optimise the relationship between the individual and the team by bringing out the potential in everyone.

In 2019, they are reviving an abandoned theatre from the 1930s. This new venue, called Le Quai, hosts the theatrical programme of the Compagnie Les Trois Scènes and is open to a wide range of event proposals (cultural and private) as well as to requests for seminars.

For more information: compagnie3scenes.theatrelequai.fr

Club Suma Motoball

The Prieur Group supports local sports associations.

The SUMA of Troyes was founded in 1939 and celebrates its 80 years of existence during the 2019 season. A historic club in the French Championship with MBC de Camaret, SUMA is the record holder for the most French Cups won (21), most of which were won in the 1970s-1980s under the legend Maraghini. Since the end of the 1990s, SUMA has struggled to regain its lustre and has had a number of difficult seasons until 2015, when the Aube club returned to the top flight with its 20th French Cup victory. SUMA is now in the top 3 of the big French teams with Neuville and Carpentras.

For more information: www.sumamotoball.fr


Partner in the creation of stained glass windows for the church in Romilly-sur-Seine with a view to creating a new cultural and tourist attraction.
To see the Canal 32 programme, click on this link.

Diocese of Troyes

Groupe Prieur is a patron of accounting services for the Diocese of Troyes. 

The boundaries of the diocese of Troyes coincide with the territory of the department of Aube (10). In the Catholic Church, the bishop is the guarantor of the unity and fidelity to the apostles of the Catholics of the territory entrusted to him: the diocese. The parishes, grouped into pastoral areas, are the territorial subdivisions of the diocese within which Catholics live their faith. To ensure its administrative, financial and legal functioning, the Diocese of Troyes relies on the Diocesan Association of Troyes.

For more information: www.cathotroyes.fr

Just Classical Music Festival

The Prieur Group is a sponsor of the accounting services for the Just Classik Festival.

12 days of musical events through which you will be able to discover masterpieces of chamber music in the four corners of the department of Aube and meet artists recognized throughout the world in a festive atmosphere.

For more information: www.justclassikfestival.fr


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